Treatment For Root Causes Important

This is what dual diagnosis is all about. It becomes far more effective when an initial complaint is given dual diagnosis treatment in gulfport, ms. Because it is all good and well to receive treatment for the reported complaint. Because what happens thereafter when it is perceived that the patient is now well? Only for the condition to come back to haunt that patient? The root cause/s of the initial complaint still need to be investigated.

And then accordingly treated. Let’s take a quick look at one or two root causes that could be the fault of the complaint. The complaint is this. A patient has developed a serious dependence on dangerous drugs and alcohol. He or she could very well be enduring a whole lot of pressure at work. So, not only must the therapist get the patient off the drugs and alcohol, she might also want to start talking about a few work/life changes.

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A young kid with persistent suicidal thoughts could very well be suffering from gender dysphoria. That condition of course still needs to be diagnosed and then treated. But before the child is able to see the specialist clinical psychologist, he/she may still need to spend time in psychiatric care to completely perish the thought. Lose all thoughts of ever committing suicide again. And then start the walk towards a new, better and freer life.

Dual diagnosis treatment could require third party participation, particularly if that child is still fairly young and needs to be under parental care and guidance. But at the same time, the parents now need to understand and appreciate the child’s condition and go on to treat that child with love, care and understanding. Root causes are important and need to be rooted out.