Tips For Protecting Your Body From Injury

We have become sedimentary people.  What this means is that we spend most of our times in front of computers, driving our cars or doing activities that don’t allow us to move very far or fast.  This has become a detriment to our overall health and as a result has set us up for increased possibilities for injury.

One of the first parts of our body that will start to go is our hands.  We use our hands and fingers constantly all day long.  We use them to type, text and work on computers.  This in itself isn’t a bad thing, but it does result in excess strain on joints.  If this becomes severe, we may need to find a hand surgeon to correct the damage.

hand surgeon

Stretching exercises

One thing that you can do is stretching exercises.  These exercises will warm up the joints and muscles in your hand and prepare them for the tasks at hand.  One of the biggest mistakes that we make is that we will just jump into doing our work without first making sure our hand, arms and fingers are warmed up. 

Don’t crack your knuckles

A bad habit that most of us have is cracking our knuckles.  When we crack our knuckles we are releasing the fluids in our joints.  The sound that our fingers make when we do this action is the air that is released around the fluid.

Don’t hit anything

You don’t want to hit anything.  Punching, slapping or other violent actions can cause injury to your hands.  You will also want to watch where you are working.  Sharp objects, tight corners and areas that might have a tight fit can cause issues to your hands. 

Clean them

Finally, you will want to clean your hands.  Wash them often, keep your fingernails clipped and don’t chew on them.  If you focus on keeping your hands in perfect working order they will never fail you.