How To Protect Yourself In The Woods

The woods or forest is a great place to go and experience nature.  When traveling through the woods, you may encounter a nice warm breeze, the cry of an owl, a bird pecking on a branch and so much more.  The one thing that you might not want to interact with is insects.  Out of all the insects that you may encounter mosquitoes will be probably the most annoying.  In these situations, mosquito control services in Guilderland can be very helpful.

Take food and water

Before you enter the forest make sure that you have plenty of food and water.  This can be very important as you go for long hikes and start to sweat.  You will want to replenish your strength with food and ensure that you are hydrated with fresh water.

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Take a compass

Most people today will rely on GPS or other technology.  Even though these devices are good, and you should have them, you will also want to have some basic low-tech options.  When you take a compass, you can easily determine what direction you are traveling and what direction you need to go.  These are also very small and don’t require batteries or other power to work.

Tell people where you are going

This is important.  When going out into the woods you may end up wanting to just wonder around and explore.  This is okay in the mall, but in the woods, not so much.  You want to tell people where you are going, when you will be back and if you get lost, what landmark you will head towards. 

More and more people are starting to just go for a hike or start wondering off trails a short distance.  This has gotten them into more trouble than they realized.  If you tell people what is going on and then you don’t keep up with these or check in, then it is a signal that something is wrong, and they should start looking or contacting you.